Wattics has released a new feature, which assists Wattics Partners to have a more structured way to deliver services to their customers, with the aid of local administrators who have increased permissions/rights to perform the necessary actions for project/service delivery. This introduction of tiered level of access provides a host of benefits to scale, particularly for large companies managing multiple clients and projects simultaneously.

How it works:

The Wattics Local Admin tool allows you to create custom user groups for which a local administrator can be assigned. Local administrators have the ability to add end-users to the Wattics platform and grant access to certain dashboard features and site information based on the access enabled by the Wattics Partner.

Image: Wattics Local Admin Structure

How to create a user group:

Once enabled, you can find User Groups in the Admin Tab of your Wattics Dashboard.

Step 1: To create a new Group, click on 'New User Group', as indicated in the image below:

Step 2: Give your 'User Group' a name and select the sites applicable for the user group

Step 3: Select the users that you would like to add to the user group created. You can choose to grant users access to all sites in a user group, if applicable.

Step 4: Select the plan you would like to assign to the group. Plans consist of the analytics tools you grant access to the local admin and users in the group.

Once you have created your user groups, you can view, edit, and delete user groups found in the list of user groups created, in your Admin Tab, as shown in the screenshot below:

Now that you've created your user groups, you can assign a local administrator for your group(s).

Step 5: To assign a local administrator, search for the relevant user, and click on the edit button, represented by the pencil icon:

Ensure that the user to be made a 'Local Administrator' is assigned to the correct user group:

Next, click on the 'Local Admin' button when editing the user details:

You can now select to make the user a Local Administrator of a group by ticking the box provided and clicking update. If the user is not yet part of a group, you will see a note like the one highlighted below:

That's it! Let's take a look at a practical use case to better understand the capabilities and benefits of this tool:

Use Case:

Consulting Engineers Ltd (Wattics Partner) has multiple clients, parts manufacturers, who rely on the company for a myriad of services including power quality monitoring, measurement & verification of retrofit installations etc.

With many clients with varying needs, Consulting Engineers Ltd requires a more effective way to structure project delivery, and lessen the burden on top level management to address project and administrative related inquiries for example, creating new users, changing plans, granting/revoking access to sites, resetting account password and so forth.

With the new Local Admin tool, Consulting Engineers Ltd, has the ability to create a user group for each department i.e. Measurement, Verification & Evaluation - assigning the department head for example as a local administrator, who has access to project data and Wattics analytics tools to carry out services for their customers.

Any project related queries can now be directed to the department head (local administrator). Consulting Engineers Ltd can select which project data its department heads (local administrators) and the rest of the group’s users have access to.

To enable the Local Administration feature on your Wattics dashboard or if you would like further support and clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team:

If you are not currently subscribed to the Wattics platform and want to schedule a demo of this tool, please, request a demo below:

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