So... you have your meters showing kWh and you now need to visualise cost and CO2 based on time-of-use tariffs and based on a specific CO2 emission factor.

Wattics has a specific tool to do this called "Tariffs" which is accessible by clicking on the dollar icon as shown below. Within the tariffs tool, you can also add your CO2 emission factor which will be applied to your kWh data.

Once clicked you will be presented with an interface where you can add electricity, gas and water tariffs (and CO2 where applicable) — in order for the tool to convert values (e.g. kWh) into cost figures using the currency of the country where the site is located, e.g. Pounds Sterling if in London.

To add an electricity tariff you need to click on the right icon called "Add tariff and CO2" and you will be presented with the interface below.

At this stage you need to:

(See numbered steps above as a guide)

  1. Add the name of your energy supplier and/or tariff

  2. Select the time from/to within which the tariff is valid. NOTE: If you want the tariff to be indefinitely for the future, you need to leave the "to" cell blank

  3. Add CO2 factor if you would like the system to convert values to CO2 emissions

  4. Add one or more rates. Note: by default the rate T1 is initially set to 0 across the whole grid. To overwrite this, you need to create a rate T2 with a cost greater than zero and overwrite the corresponding cells. If you overwrite the whole grid and save, the T1 rate will disappear. In other words, any rates which aren't used in the Time-of-Use table will disappear once you save.

Once you save, your new tariff system will become operational. Any affected historical cost figures will be recomputed.

Once you've added your tariffs and CO2 emission factor, you can go to your breakdown or portfolio analyst tab, and you'll be able to see costs and CO2 emissions associated with your site's data by clicking on the "Cost" and "CO2" buttons in the right control panel (see screenshot below).

How to modify an existing tariff

Modifying an existing tariff is simple, you just need to hit the open icon as shown below

You can then go ahead and change rates and periods as required

For further support and clarifications on adding and/or modifying tariffs and CO2 emission factors for your sites, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team:

If you are new to Wattics, and would like to find out more about how the Tariffs tool can benefit your projects, book a free demo using the button below:

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