The new sentinel report page was created to consolidate all the anomalies detected within a selected period eg. 15/03/20 - 15/04/20. It provides a good summary of possible irregularities that occurred - out of expected patterns.

Where to find it in the dashboard and how to use it?

In order to generate a Sentinel report, the first step is to navigate to the report definitions page, click on the button labelled “Admin” to access the administration area, where 'Reports' are located.

If reports are enabled in your dashboard tab, click on the reports icon as shown in the image below:

Once you are in the report definitions tool, click on “new report definition”.

In here you are asked to:

  • Choose a name for the report template

  • Type in a short report description

  • Choose the energy type

  • Choose the day you wish the report to be sent out

  • Choose the time shift in months that will be analysed by the report.

  • Decide which site is going to be shown in the report.

The next step is to scroll down the page and tick the box related to “Sentinel Report” as shown in the image below:

After that, you can select which users will receive the report and save.

Now every month on the chosen date a report will be sent with the summary of all the Sentinel events triggered.

The final report page will look like this:

What are the main benefits?

The automated reports are a convenient way to receive a summary of the month and double-check for issues or possible improvements. The sentinel report page specifically will give you an insight if the system is behaving as expected, or if there are too many anomalies/exceptions which should be investigated further.

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