In Wattics, a datapoint is an entity registered on our database which holds data from a meter (electrical, gas, water, heat etc) or an IoT device, or sensor or utility bill or any other numeric metric such as production data or heating degree days.

Wattics distinguish three types of datapoints:

Multivalue datapoint: this type of entity contains data from several electrical parameters including active power, reactive power, current, voltage, power factor, line-to-line voltage, kWh for each phase.

Singlevalue datapoint: this type of datapoint contains one numeric parameter. This type of datapoint includes pulse counters, kWh meters, analogue and digital sensors such as irradiation, heating degree days etc for each phase.

Formula datapoint: this is a virtual datapoint calculated through bespoke formulas applied to multivalue and singlevalue datapoints. For example (ELECTRICAL_DP_1 + ELECTRICA_DP_2)/DATAPOINT_HDD

Datapoints are shown in the Wattics breakdown tab and their number is a contributor to the SaaS licence.

Please respond to this article if you need more information about datapoints.

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