If you are a white-labeled partner, you are entitled to a have a full-branding service and you own dedicated login page so that your clients login from your website. Once the page is ready this is usually located at the address: https://<your company>.wattics.com 

  • Once your dedicated login page has been created, Wattics will return a secure IP address, which you have to add to your Domain Name Server (DNS).

  • Log in to your DNS provider such as your GoDaddy Account and navigate to "MyProducts"

  • Click the + button to view the list of domains registered under your GoDaddy account. 

  • Find the domain you want to use and click "Manage DNS"

  • On the Records page, click "Add" to add a new A record with a URL of your choice such as dashboard.<your company domain>. For example this could be dashboard.mycompany.com

  • The new A record must point to the IP address provided by Wattics

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